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Our mission is to bring accessibility of crypto mining equipment to the average consumer.

CoinMiningDirect set out to solve the problem of limited accessibility for the retail buyer in the crypto mining market.

It’s common for mining equipment to either be completely out of stock, require very long shipping times, or is only available at insane scalper prices on ebay. Only the large mining companies had easy access to buying mining equipment on demand.

Today CoinMiningDirect is able to place large bulk orders directly with manufacturers to make sure we have plenty of stock to sell to our customers at a reasonable price. We also occasionally buy used miners that are still in great working condition directly from mining companies that are replacing older equipment with newer equipment.

We then store products at our warehouses in Stockholm (Sweden) and Los Angeles (US) so they are ready to go out with express shipping. (Other retailers have such long shipping times because they don’t warehouse their own products, they just have them shipped from China instead.)

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